I‘m Kenna, it’s nice to meet you.

Welcome to my website! Everything you see here I have designed and made myself. I love doing anything from runway collections, freelance commissions, to random designs I make on a Saturday! I am always down to make a tulle dress for no reason…

I started designing clothes because I loved seeing people wear outfits that made them stand out and I wanted to create my own. I also grew up watching a LOT of Project Runway and making garments with help from my mom. I started sewing around 10 years old, then when I grew up instead of pursuing fashion in NYC (which was my dream), I went to college in Washington State and completed a degree in business. My experience there definitely had its perks but I knew business wasn’t where I wanted to stop my career at. During that time at school, I brought my sewing machine up and made fashion design a huge priority of mine. 

I currently live in the Pacific Northwest and make fashion design a part of my every day! I am a one woman show so any projects I have are timed around my full-time job and spending time with the people I love. My dream of NYC is still not off the table so keep an eye out in case some big changes take place… 

As my brand grows, I strive to design for the vibrant, powerful individual. As you may have seen already, there is a lot of pink, glitter, and tulle in my brand. I do not shy away from the feminine aspects of fashion, but don’t get too confused because I do not intend to design just for women! My goal is to set no limits on feminine fashion in terms of who wears it and the power it carries. I used to think, “if I wear pink, people won’t take me seriously”, and now my brand basically fights that previous belief. And that is the vision for my brand. 

I hope you enjoy watching what I create!